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We are officially up and running!

We're stoked to help fill a huge gap for the Cryptocurrency Community.  No matter the push back from the banks, facebook, twitter, and big government, the community is what will keep Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin alive.

Currency is a representation of the skill or service you provide to another which can then be used with another party for their skill or service.  As long as a community is in agreement of what the form represents such skill or service, that currency will continue to remain legitimate.   By embracing the legitimacy of Cryptocurrency as a trade for skills and services, we can ensure it will become the standard!

Bookcoin endeavors to be an avenue to help further legitimize this amazing creation called Cryptocurrency.  We will do this by providing an ever growing library of Books, Games, and Collectibles.

There are many plans we have for the future.  However, we are always open to suggestions and requests.  Please feel free to drop a line at info@bookcoinshop.com.  We're sure there'll be growing pains and challenges ahead, but we're excited to have you to join us in this journey!

Enjoy the experience here at Bookcoin and please share!!